taste the future - IoT Applications in Food & Beverage

AXULUS Solution Templates for Food & Beverage IIOT as a Service – Have you ever wondered how to start with digitalization? Are you curious how to generate value add for your customers or in your daily operations based on the newest digital technologies? With AXULUS Solution Templates it is easy to identify and customize value-adding IoT solutions for your benefit. Start from a library of quantified Use Cases and Solution Templates to customize and build your own Digital Solution Intellectual Property (IP). We can deliver the solutions customized for you as fully managed service (Industrial IoT as a Service by AXULUS) or use the Solution Templates for your own implementation teams or partners to deliver them to you IP.

4 stages of the production process IIoT can support

  • Raw Material and Stock Control – The use of sensors within the production process allows to monitor stocks, automatically issue orders only when required and, therefore, to reduce waste.
  • Factory Operations and Machine Condition – Sensors attached to machines can provide engineers and machine manufacturers with information about the wear and tear a machine is undergoing. This allows to anticipate maintenance actions, thus eliminate the need for routine checks or downtime.
  • Quality Control – Sensors within a manufacturing process can detect internal faults and continuously improve the process as a whole.
  • Product Delivery and Packaging – Sensors inside trucks and other infrastructure systems allows to detect packaging and products damaged during the transit.


iot for food and beverage

Supply Chain Management

Managing logistics in moving food & beverages from manufacturing and packaging site to shelves, by monitoring environmental conditions of cargo and tracking shipment, to ensure minimal spoilage.

iot for food and beverage

Cold Storage Management

Capturing temperature anomalies in the cold storage process by deploying sensors, accessing and pre-processing sensor data, defining the temperature event envelope and implementing decision functions.

iot for food and beverage

Product Traceability

Automated Optical Identification System with multiple cameras to identify bar codes, data codes, and characters on beverage containers with the aim of increasing traceability.

iot for food and beverage

Digital Shopfloor Board

Real time visibility and Visual Performance Management as an element of an efficient “Lean” implementation, heling to identify problems and assist in resolving them.

iot for food and beverage

Camera-based in-line Quality Inspection

Automating the visual inspection gives better accuracy, repeatability and in effect better quality control.

iot for food and beverage

Condition Monitoring

Condition indicators enable fact-based decisions about when to perform maintenance, lead to reduced costs, and advance warning of impending risks of failure and higher safety.

iot for food and beverage

IoT-Based Food Contamination Tracking

Maintaining suitable conditions for stored food, by monitoring the temperature, the humidity of the environment and determining the status of the food by the use of IoT sensors

iot for food and beverage

Predictive Maintenance

Tracking all the workings of machinery and gain granular visibility across all operations to make predictions and decisions based upon new data without the need for human involvement.


Tracking all incoming assets with passive RFID tags and creating a shelf duration about categorizing.

These are only few of the Use Cases you can find in the AXULUS Library. To have full visibility on the solutions proposed by us and our ecosystem of Partners, please contact us.