Smart Grids

AXULUS Solution Templates for Smart Grids IIOT as a Service – Have you ever wondered how to start with digitalization? Are you curious how to generate value add for your customers or in your daily operations based on the newest digital technologies? With AXULUS Solution Templates it is easy to identify and customize value-adding IoT solutions for your benefit. Start from a library of quantified Use Cases and Solution Templates to customize and build your own Digital Solution Intellectual Property (IP). We can deliver the solutions customized for you as fully managed service (Industrial IoT as a Service by AXULUS) or use the Solution Templates for your own implementation teams or partners to deliver them to you IP.

How to use IoT in smart grids

  • Connected devices, appliances, hubs – The data on energy consumption coming from IoT devices is used to analyze electricity usage, cost, to control appliances remotely, identify malfunctions or any outage risk and make smarter decisions on load distribution.
  • Real-time data analytics and visualization – The data collected from connected devices, as mentioned above, are then sorted and examined in order to provide real time information. Therefore, the transparency and visibility on the supply chain from energy production to energy consumptions increase. This allows operators to make more precise predictions and detect issues quicker.
  • Advanced algorithms – Advanced Machine Learning algorithms process IoT data in order to identify trends and make the whole smart grid supply chain more efficient.


smart grids iot solutions

Fraud, leaks and power losses detection

Electric Power Diversion detection based on real-time, continuous, and localized analysis of changes in electric current flows and voltage levels in the distribution network in order to distinguish legitimate metered loads versus those from theft. 

Automated meter reading

IoT utility metering and submetering allow to monitor electricity usage remotely and reduce billing costs by eliminating manual meter readings and errors. Reduce consumer bills by giving them access to real-time energy usage data.

Grid equipment monitoring

Monitoring operating conditions in street cabinets for unauthorized openings and overheating detection, monitoring lightning impact on key network infrastructure by using connected surge arresters, copper cable drums theft detection using trackers.

smart gas iot solution

Safety and System Integrity monitoring

Smart Gas IoT solution allow to visualize what’s happening inside gas pipelines (pressure changes, temperature, pipeline stress via strain gauges)  to maintain safe delivery operations and meet regulatory requirements.

Methane sensing and gas leaks control

Smart methane sensors are used to shut off gas service when elevated levels of methane are detected, alleviating potentially dangerous situations before they arise, keeping utility personnel and customers safe.

smart gas iot solution

Automated gas meter reading

Remotely measure gas flow rate through pipes and visualize gas consumption, with the ability to view usage trends. Reduce billing costs by eliminating manual meter readings and reading errors.

smart water management

Water leakage detection

Reduce non-revenue water losses through quick detection of water leaks and instances of fraud, using connected sensors, and address leaks prior to them becoming costly main breaks. 

smart water management

Pressure and quality monitoring

Operate a continuous health monitoring of the water distribution system, with synchronized pressure, flow and quality measurements using connected IoT sensors.

smart water management

Remote Valve Control

Remotely disconnect or limit water flow to an end customer using connected Smart Valves, using bidirectional, low-latency IoT connectivity. 

These are only few of the Use Cases you can find in the AXULUS Library. To have full visibility on the solutions proposed by us and our ecosystem of Partners, please contact us.