AXULUS helps you to successfully transform your hardest Digitalization Challenges into value at scale.
With a step-by-step Use Case Wizard, anyone can easily contribute concrete Use Case definitions, which have a clearly attached value add.
The modular Solution Designer speeds up solution design, based on a solution template and element database, which constantly grows.
In addition, executable roll-out workflows involve the operators to install and roll-out designed solutions in a self-service mode, thus allowing to scale value from IIoT without limits.
Not a lot. Basically the systems is rather self-explanatory and there are many ways to enable your experts and customers to use it.
So the main required ingredient is the enthusiasm and will to identify use cases and build solutions against that, and openness towards an open, continuous innovation process.
Use cases are free of charge.
You can use as many as you want, independent from your subscription plan.
AXULUS provides a one year and three year subscription framework.
All your subscription, invoicing and payment details and history is shown in AXULUS – so you are always up to date where you stand.
AXULUS meant for everyone that wants to scale value from novel technologies like IIoT and Modular Engineering in an industrial environment.
It manages the complete IIoT and R&D innovation cycle for complex industrial projects in one, single digital flow: Automotive OEMs and Suppliers, Aerospace, Machine Builders, Service Providers, Transportation/Mobility, Building Automation, and many more.
Yes, AXULUS is integrating e.g. into JIRA for your R&D Pipeline for Feature Element Development, or any other application.
Contact us at [email protected] for more information.
The free trial provides you a usage of AXULUS for three months with few temporary limitations.
After three months the free trial ends, and if you choose to benefit from the full version of AXULUS, you are asked to enter your payment details and confirm.
We take data protection seriously at AXULUS.
The application structure is based on the cloud. With this approach, we can make use of all the tools that automate data protection, incident response and compliance and risk monitoring made available by the Cloud Provider.
This also ensures the implementation of a continuous and comprehensive data privacy process, which adapts to advances in priorities and changes in threats.
We charge based on how many solutions you scale and users working with AXULUS.
Charming: You will not be charged for the number of use cases you are discovering with AXULUS.
This will make you be able to define and setup use cases as many as you want – until you find the right one you want to invest in.
Yes, AXULUS is a pay-per-use service and you can switch your plans anytime.
Click on “View Subscription” within the application and choose your desired package.
Hint: All your subscriptions, invoicing and payment details and history are shown in AXULUS – so you are always up to date where you stand.
Unlimited number of Use Cases, including use case definition and solution design wizard, roll-out engine and the AXULUS community for your solution ideation and feedback.
You have a limit of 1 solution and 3 users.
Yes, AXULUS can be completely tailored to your complex business needs, e.g. multiple integrations, different use case/solution metadata or adopting it to your company wording and labelling.
Contact us at [email protected] to get your AXULUS launch project.
There are limited seats available for charter clients to get your project investment totally refunded in AXULUS credits.