What is AXULUS?

AXULUS is the #1 Industrial IoT Operations Management Software built to manage the whole Industrial IoT innovation cycle, offering our customers a quantum leap into digitalization.

Define Value Adding Use Case

The AXULUS Use Case Wizard can help you formulating a specific use case for your IIoT solution, by first defining a measurable Value Add.

Speed-up the innovation process by loading pre-filled Use Case templates!

Configure Solution & Define Roll-Out Workflow

The AXULUS Solution Design Wizard empowers you to quickly design your solution within minutes. How?

Adding Solution Elements and Links from your database to configure technical solutions, forwarding the development of those missing into your preferred R&D management environment, like JIRA, creating a roll-out workflow that can be executed onsite. 

Search Solution and Install On-Site

Searching for available IIoT solutions that can help you to achieve your operational performance targets? AXULUS provides you with an easy way to search for those in your scope and provide you with a step-by-step executable implementation workflow that you can assign to your team!



AXULUS offers multiple benefits for your digitalization efforts. Handle solutions and value creation at sale.

Substantially speed-up your IIoT innovation process and identify use cases and roll-out value adding solutions at scale. Self-driven, no lengthy and costly project set-up required.

Scale the AXULUS methodology to your extended network of experts to get maximum contribution on use cases and value generation. No central top-down innovation, but bottom-up at scale.

The AXULUS methodology enforces focus on value add first. Don’t develop technology without a clear value add and roll-out procedure anymore. Only deliver what generates measurable value.

Let AXULUS streamline and optimize your solution development and management process. The system collects your existing solutions, solution elements and links among them, to speed-up the development of the next solution or variant. Never do double work again.

A technical solution which can not be scaled efficiently does not help. Provide for each of your solution an executable and traceable roll-out workflow, including all enablement for the experts onsite, so that they can install at their pace and timing. Easy and scalable.

Use AXULUS as your continuous learning system, that allows you to substantially benefit from Use Cases and Solutions built and managed over time. Get faster and more efficient with each new Use Case and Solution, as the system and your organization learns.

Speed-up your use case innovation and solution design with pre-defined templates, ready to customize for your specific use case and situation. Define your own templates, to never have to think twice again.