What is AXULUS?

AXULUS is a latin word and stands for ‘small blackboard’. In the end, AXULUS is a digital ‘blackboard’, with templates on software parts, KPIs, Installation Procedures, Integrations and a Collection of all that has been done already.

You have everything at hand to ideate, configure and finally install your next digital solution. Without big consulting projects. Without starting from scratch every time. Without sending Powerpoints and Excel back and forth. Without ‘not knowing what other plants are doing’.

In order to start right away, we also designed Frameworks on Computer Vision and Machine Data Acquisition to address many use cases in industrial Operations.

The Axulus story

In my experience from 100+ digitalization projects, I saw how much customers strive to become better based on technology, and how difficult it still is to introduce digital solutions into production and service operations and realize a concrete value add.

A striking 80%+ of companies want to use digital solutions, but a mere 7% of companies state that they are satisfied with the returns on digitalization efforts.

Of course, it is a mammoth task: The huge number of digital building blocks need to be translated into concrete use cases which require substantial domain know-how to be shared.

In addition, the technological complexity requires a “configure to installation” approach for many digital solutions.

Our customers suffered during digitalization projects to cope with this use case- technology – change management complexity. Because there was nothing to support us on use case templification, value simulation, technology stack configuration and roll-out.

Don’t be fooled by some of the digital transformation buzz out there, digital transformation is a business discipline or company philosophy, not a project!

– Katherine Kostereva

We are passionate in helping customers unlock their real potential with digital solutions. This is why we built AXULUS.

We Are Proud Of Our Results



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Industrial Digitalisation Scaled

The Pressure to succeed with Digital is too intense to not have a systematic Approach to make this mammoth task a viable undertaking.

AXULUS and its Frameworks are designed to address that. Change your Operations to a degree never seen before.

Meet The Management Team

Florian Beil


Lorenz Kappel


Serhat Topkaya

Head of R&D

Katharina Schmid

Head of Business Development

We Help Businesses

Set Digitalisation Initiatives ready for Scaling

User Interface, Installation Procedure, Protocols have to be aligned and make each Digital Solution unique. With AXULUS, we modularise and templify these parts, so all Solutions can be replicated, but still have the Possiblity for Localisation and Customization.

Understand which Use Case is worth Solving with Digital

We offer a built-in Value Assessment for Digital Solutions, and help you understand the Costs and Benefits for your one.

Solve Toughest Use Cases in industrial Operations

Industrial conditions require Solutions with zero error tolerance. We have experience in building software for business-critical operations and ensure the highest quality and security in our work.

We Are Part Of The Reply Network

Reply is a decentralized network of specialised companies.

We started with a small team and a purpose: to help the digital revolution happen. Today, we are a team of more than 13,400 people in 16 different countries but we still have the same DNA, made up of agile, vertical task forces and an inner passion for innovation.

We Are Working With

We work with companies from the most different industries to transform the way they work.

Ready to See AXULUS in Action?

Get a demo and discover how others use AXULUS Core or its Frameworks to level up their digitalisation game. Our team is excited to help you.