Best Practice to build scalable industrial applications.

Navigate through Digitalisation Initiatives, implement a proven Solution or create a new one, always provided by best practices to ease up your life in the long term. Equip your Team with best material from reusable components and implement it in a scalable way.

Whom is AXULUS Core for and Why?

None to few Digital Solutions, Just Starting

Building up a first, future-proof Digital Solution is a Challenge more often than not. With AXULUS Core, you have all at hand to solve your certain challenge, from organising staff, step-by-step guidance for installation, to ensuring your in-house knowledge is stored safe and sound.

Some Initiatives In Place, more Planned

Nobody can afford to make the same mistake twice. AXULUS Core provides the tools needed for easy access to experiences already made. Avoid duplications, improve Solution Quality and streamline your Initiatives to protect a profitable Digitalisation Path. Your Installed Base can be easily put into AXULUS and used as Templates for the future.

Multitude of Solutions in an Industrial Network

Keeping Initiatives aligned over many Factories, Teams, and Regions is a never ending Mission. AXULUS ensures that solutions feed into the Company’s target KPIs and new Teams can manage the same challenges as experienced ones. Get an overview of what is running where, in which Version, by whom, and finally launch self-driven Digitalisation.

About AXULUS Core

Capturing the full business opportunities available from new technologies is a Challenge and at the same time so crucial for successfully adopting digital in complex industrial environments.
AXULUS Core is designed to Manage System Complexity and Solution Adoption, and enables Teams to setup, configure and replicate Digital Solutions in industrial Environments.

The Tools at Hand to Scale Digital Solutions

Handle Your Workload with modular solution design

Standards never exist in industrial Digitalisation. And Complexity is a primary Killer for Productivity and Pace.

AXULUS Core allows you to modularly design Solutions in Blocks (e.g. Hardware, Software, Integration).

This Approach sets the Baselayer for Reusability and Feasibility of Management of Rollouts, Installations and Updates.

Integrated with your Development tools

Keep the Development Stack of your choice and integrate it with AXULUS Core. To ensure every Solution is directly connected with Your R&D Pipeline or Development Tasks.

What do people say about us?

Read how others are using AXULUS Solutions and how it is for
them working with us.


What do I need to use AXULUS?

Not a lot. Basically the systems is rather self-explanatory and there are many ways to enable your experts and customers to use it.
So the main required ingredient is the enthusiasm and will to identify use cases and build solutions against that, and openness towards an open, continuous innovation process.

Whom is AXULUS for?

AXULUS meant for everyone that starts or is in the middle of their digitalisation journey. If you have one solution to be installed several times or several solutions you want to install on one site, or if your solutions should become part of your offering. It manages the innovation cycle for complex industrial initiatives in one, single digital flow.

Does AXULUS integrate with 3rd party apps?

Yes, AXULUS is integrating e.g. into JIRA for your R&D Pipeline for Feature Element Development, or any other application. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. AXULUS provides a one year and three year subscription framework. All your subscription, invoicing and payment details and history is shown in AXULUS, so you are always up to date and know where you stand.

Ready to start Scaling?