Fraport and AXULUS form strategic Partnership to boost Digitalisation at Frankfurt Airport

Fraport AG, one of the leading Players in the global Airport Business, and AXULUS, have decided to join forces and mutually support each other in designing, building and scaling Digital Solutions.

Through AXULUS’ Digitalisation Operations Platform and Fraport’s Aviation Know-How Airport Use Cases were created.

Within the framework of the Digital Factory, the driver for innovation and digital transformation at Fraport, they build a industrial proven and modularised, cutting-edge Technology to help rollout and scaling of these Use Cases.

Solution Examples

Object Tracking on Apron with AI

Special transport units are needed to move cargo and baggage at airports. In order to track wagon fleet and ULD (Unit Load Device), outstandingly accurate computer vision is applied in a framework to count, detect, distinguish all different types of (un)motorized vehicles throughout the process chain. Results are:

· Less Search time
· Less Empty runs
· Higher Resilience towards unpredicted demands

The whole solution is working completey without sensors to be mounted or processes to be changed. And compliant to EU GDPR.
Read more here. This case has been highlighted also by the CIO Magazine (Article in german).

Alarmmonitors for Firedepartments

Alarmmonitors that are providing emergency services with relevant data, in an appealing visualization of vehicles, time passed, weather, incident and location. The data is provided in real-time by the control center system and the LAN/WLAN and browser capable monitors are accessing the necessary URL and switch to alarm mode within seconds.

  • No additional Hardware like Edge Devices or Industrial PCs
  • Setup according to psychological Insights
  • Flexible, configurable Visualization Widgets

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