AX Factory Intelligence

Get Visibility on Your industrial Lines and Machines.

Collect all relevant data and turn it into actionable Insights. Monitor trends, identify Anomalies and create Alerts, to empower your Teams and predict potential failures.

With AX Factory Intelligence You Can

Add Data Points - as much as you want

Make your factory more visible step by step, by manually installing sensors and adding your new data points into the system.

Create flexible business models with Digital Services

Your business is complex and ever-changig. So is the information you need to know in order to improve offering. Arrange and select your package models and deliver outstanding service to your clients based on machine data.

Always have clear Insights on all Factory Operations

You guess that a specific line or machine is the bottleneck, but it is only a guess? Start small by adding sensors or connect PLCs and see what is really happening in your shopfloor.

Separate Yourself with Digital Offerings

Building-up digital service offerings is key to differentiate Hardware Products and add sustainable service revenues. We help you defining solution packages for digital services.
Use remote data acquisition and constantly improve your offering for your End Customers

Connect with the future and your Customers

Nowadays, machines have to be operated up to the maximum so that the costs of acquisition and production are profitable.
AX Factory Reporting Framework lets you collect Data from Sensors, PLCs or Systems to understand material fatigue and faults in the machine at an early stage for counteractive measures.
All Dashboards and information represented is configured and tailored for your Use Case.

Start the Journey to Create Value from Digital Twins

Use flexible structures for easy connectivity and upload data from sensors, PLCs, SCADA or other systems.
We take care of the data structure and historical service data to provide you means to further develop your offering.
Know exactly what your machines are doing in the field and the shopfloor and create value from that knowledge.

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Which Machines or Data Sources can I connect to AX Factory Intelligence?

Both whole machines and single sensors. AX Factory Intelligence also supports a self managed mode for connecting Data Sources.

How many Factories and Users can I manage with AX Factory Intelligence?

There is no Limitation on Factories, Data Points, Machines or Users.

Can I also use the AX Factory Intelligence for my End-Customer Connectivity?

Yes, we support both in-house Usage or for End-Customers.So the main required ingredient is the enthusiasm and will to identify use cases and build solutions against that, and openness towards an open, continuous innovation process.

Can I integrate with my current ERP Modules in Place?

Yes, we are very flexible and support many different integration Scenarios and Systems.

Which Modules does AX Factory Intelligence Cover?

We support Use Cases like Condition Monitoring, Complex KPI Management, Smart Notifications and Alerts, and many more.

How do you address Security?

We take Security serious. Our Solutions are properly separated and all Data is administered accordingly.

Ready for future-proofed Factory Operations?