Our Products.

AXULUS Core and Frameworks

AXULUS Core and its Frameworks are designed to solve real Challenges in Business Critical Operations with Digital Solutions. AXULUS Software is fulfilling highest Industrial Standards and is made by Humans for Humans.


AXULUS Core is an Engineering Software to Make Digital Solutions Scalable in Industrial Processes.

It provides an End-to-End Engagement Platform to specify Use Cases, configure Solution Stacks and roll them out via Digital Installation Workflows. All templified, all scalable industrial hardened.

AX AI Vision Framework

Manage Industrial Assets with Scalable Image Recognition: AX AI Vision Framework allows you to identify and detect any specific asset by performing object recognition in video streams.

AX Factory Reporting Framework

Get visibility and transparency of your industrial lines in order to increase machine productivity, reduce downtimes and process quality. Or, e.g. as a machine builder, build-up your digital services and offerings around remote assistance for your product portfolio.

We Help You Along The Way

Here are the typical steps how to start your journey with AXULUS.

Value Assessment

This is to get a good understanding of the impact of our solution implemented in your organisation. Of course, the assessment works best with your data on the processes involved and savings expected.

PoC with selected Team and Solution

Depending in your Use Case, we will define a PoC (Proof-of-Concept) with acceptance criteria and deliverables for you. All the endusers and team relevant team mates will be involved from the very beginning.

Rollout of Solution Template

After a successful PoC, and your decision to move forward, we’ll get your solution templified and set-up for rollout.

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