Alarmmonitors for Fraport Firedepartment Operations.

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Totally modern and based on behavioural psychology findings, we have implemented an Alarm Monitors for the Fraport Firehouse Department, that are really worth a look. Based on Information reveiced from the control center system, the monitors display Alarms with relevant information on the screens. So when approaching the vehicles during an alarm, all necessary data visible.

Idle State

  • Top bar for common information, always in the same place
  • Easy calendar integration for upcoming events
  • Manual input for yellow information window by admin users
  • Table for emergency vehicles, status numbers and statuses

All widgets are configurable, can be exchanged or other information displayed. Also rules like weather conditions can be integrated.

Alarm State

All necessary information immediately at a glance:

  • Map integration with adjustable zoom
  • Keyword and alerted vehicles
  • Weather, as well as time counter since the start of the operation
  • Possibility of camera integration
  • Display of two operations simultaneously

All widgets are configurable, can be exchanged or other information displayed. Also rules like weather conditions can be integrated.

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Alarmmonitors with Flexible Widget Design

Browser-Based, with LAN or WLAN compatible Monitors.

Based on psychological insights

Humans read monitor content according to an F-shaped pattern: two horizontal stripes followed by a vertical one.
With the top bar and the most important information directly below it, the monitors are optimally aligned to this behaviour pattern.
Moreover, humans are creatures of habit. The same information is always expected in the same place.
This has also been taken into account in the visual implementation of the monitors.

No hardware required apart from the monitor

The alarm screens are accessed with a browser-enabled monitor that has either LAN or WLAN access. The URL is saved as the home screen. No additional hardware or installation is required.
Our system checks every second for changes in the data and sends them immediately to the URL. The data is immediately displayed on the monitor.
All authorised LAN or WLAN enabled devices can call up the monitor URL. You can easily add new monitors, and each display is also available vertically.

Secure integration into your Control Center System

The data of your vehicles and operations are transferred from your service system to our database via a secure, one-directional interface. This runs over an https protocol and the information is also restricted to specially enabled IP addresses. Furthermore, we use certificates for secure communication and work with the highest security standards in our cloud environment.

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