Chat GPT in manufacturing -is it possible?

Artificial intelligence has long been a part of industrial manufacturing already.

For example, industrial AI such as “computer vision” enables quality management teams to scale quality control, identify product deviations more easily, and make real-time adjustments even faster. Open AI has created massive buzz around AI in recent months with the release and rollout of Chat GPT. Application scenarios are becoming broader and more specialized. Below, we take a quick look at potential use cases of Chat GPT in manufacturing and ask – is it possible?

Quick answers to questions- the all-round helper ChatGPT from Open AI uses artificial intelligence as a so-called chat bot to answer its users in the form of text-based messages in the format of a messenger service and to exchange information with its users.

The tool can thus, for example, explain complex issues simply, reduce extensive information and summarize it in an understandable way, but also perform creative tasks, such as writing texts. The artificial intelligence behind Chat GPT was fed with data and knowledge from the World Wide Web for these purposes and captures and evaluates millions of text-based information in the form of entries in online forums, social media, (specialist) articles and books.

Machine learning technologies are used to query and analyze extensive data in fractions of a second and generate answers in dialog format that sound natural and human-generated.

We took a look at a few articles and publications – here are the key insights:

Siemens and Microsoft boost productivity in industry with generative artificial intelligence
In the press release “Siemens and Microsoft increase productivity in industry with generative artificial intelligence” from Microsoft Germany dated 12.4.2023, the company explains that it has developed a new Teamcenter app for Microsoft Teams together with Siemens to improve AI-based code creation, optimization and debugging in factory automation software.

Voice AI chat systems conquer industrial production floors

The Süddeutsche Zeitung also reports that AI chat systems are increasingly being used in production halls in industry. The scenarios described are extremely interesting:

Heidelberg-based AI start-up Aleph Alpha and IT service provider Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), for example, already announced a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence for industrial production.

The core of the use cases is the dialogue between machine and service technicians in natural human language. Different languages are also possible. This makes it easier and faster to solve technical problems for machine operators who speak languages for which perhaps no manual is available at the moment. If you look at the already existing use cases of Chat GPT in manufacturing you can clearly say- yes- Chat GPT will also play a major role in the manufacturing of the future.

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