Scaling Value from Industrial IoT – What does it Take?

According to Bain’s research, only 8% of companies say they’re getting their money’s worth out of their investment in digital. Many more articles from analysts and consulting companies underline these experiences.

The same experiences that made our CEO, Florian Beil, give rise to the decision to address this challenge and found AXULUS.

At the very beginning of our journey, we’ve started a small video series that is explaining his story and background in scaling industrial digitalisation and what it takes to make your digital initiative a successful one.
If you cannot watch the whole video, see below for a summary on its key insights 😉

Key Insights

The Potential vs Adoption Reality of Industrial IoT

90% of companies say, that IIot is necessary to be competitive in the future
Where do these companies stand today?

  • 80% are in search for the use case
  • 15% found a use case & built a ProofOfConcept
  • 5% already scaled IIot

So, there is a huge gap between the potential of industrial IoT and its adoption rate.

A self-reinforcing circle to overcome this Gap

On the Use Case
the companies need to kow, which problem should be solved & what value they want to generate

build & operate a solution
the needs to be a defined value attached to the use case
build a technological IIot stack

Ability to replicate the solution & install it locally
need for scalability & self-service

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