Turn Digitalisation into reusable Value.

We build technology to create and configure digital solutions with a clear focus on scaling from day one.

Fast, efficient, ready to scale: Apply thought-through digital configuration kits to address your most challenging operational problems, e.g. with Vision AI, Machine Data Analytics or any of the other 50+ Templates made by AXULUS or its Partners.

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Stop reinventing the Digitalisation Wheel

Successful Digitalisation is an uphill battle. Standards basically never exist, departments have to be kept aligned constantly, technologies change at high speed.


With AXULUS, you can implement industrial Digitalisation without being stuck in PoCs and dealing with hundreds of pilots … to not let your huge effort and best practices get lost.

Benefit 1

Increased Adoption Rate

Users that can actively contribute to the final look and feel and design of the solution are far more willing to their initiative a successful one.

Benefit 2

Lower Risk of Failing Initatives

Due to upfront Value Assessment, the Efforts and Benefits of each Implementation are clearly thought through.

Benefit 3

Faster Replication with Templates

The setup and Installation of each Solution is Templified for future Use. Modular Design gives you Flexibility which Part should be reused and which needs Customization.

Getting Started

Here are the typical steps how to start your journey with AXULUS.

Introduction Call

We’ll have a call to understand your need, its background and impact of your business.
In the same time, you’ll get an overview on our work and solutions.

Demo and Deep Dive

After having a first touch point and you think it is worth discovering more, we offer you a Demo of our applications and we discuss further how we can address your use case.

Solution Value Assessment

This is to get a good understanding of the impact of our solution implemented in your organisation. Of course, the assessment works best with your data on the processes involved and savings expected.

Why Choose Us?

We care deeply about the people we serve and the products we create.
We’ve worked with customers in industrial manufacturing, transport, logistics and public agencies to transform the way they work. Discover what sets us apart.

Always Value First

When it comes to any business decision, you must be sure that the investment pays off. Nobody can afford to make mistakes. We analyse each Use Case upfront with a dedicated value assessment and driver tree calculation. To make sure you are doing the right investment and have reasonable arguments towards your CFO.

Solution Configured for You

AXULUS Allows us to make it personal for you. For example, User Interface, Integrations or Hardware: Use a library of technology Building Blocks for a best adoption rate. Regular prototype reviews, ensure that you always have a clear understanding what your software will be like.

Every Initiative set for Scale

Our Templates is designed for Scaling from Day 1. We always keep in mind what are your future goals beyond Proof-of-Concept (PoC) stage. Whether it is AXULUS Core or one of our Frameworks, or any different Initiative.

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An AX Solution Framework is a Collection of validated, templified AXULUS Solutions to address your specific Use Cases. These Templates can be used as a kick-start for implementation of digital solutions.


Templatized Approach to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Operations Management

AX AI Vision Framework

Manage Industrial Assets with Scalable Image Recognition

AX Factory Reporting Framework

Use IoT Technologies to collect real-time data, improve your Operations or start a remote service Offering.

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Read how others are using AXULUS Solutions and how it is for
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